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Our consulting services focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities


We offer 'hands-on' training on various parts of the process. The training is tailored to suit our customers' needs and requirements.



We are offering a new electronic technical service to the investment casting industry called e-tec.  In difficult times companies are looking for making savings where it is possible. This can be in the form of technical assistance with CAD; 2D to 3D conversion, casting simulation, prototype  models of feeding and gating systems, manufacturing techniques, equipment & plant selection and layout design.

We have a number of experts and specialists working with us.

Our Services



  • Feasibility & Engineering Studies

  • Updating of Technology

  • Project Engineering & Management 

  • Manufacturing

  • Costing & Method Engineering

  • Training & Seminars

  • Process 'Know How'

  • Casting Cost Calculations software

  • Casting Simulation and Methoding Software Services




Our Latest

Estimation Costing Software - ECS

INCAST has developed an Estimation Costing Software Program (ECS) suitable for most Investment Casting Foundries. Once set-up, it is straight forward to obtain an accurate casting selling price. Check out the video clip.

If you have any technical or manufacturing issues, let me know and maybe I can be of assistance.

Stephen Barnett, Owner